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What is Internet Piracy?

Internet piracy is act of receiving, downloading, or obtaining content that has been copyrighted without paying the owner of the copyright. In many ways it is considered theft. But instead of being a physical object, it is content such as music, programs, videos, or writing. Piracy copies the original file then distributes it without having to pay for or contribute to the original authors.

Why is Piracy a problem?

Piracy effects alot of media industry. It can steal a large portion of a online product's revenue. When someone pirates a file. They do not have to pay or contribute to the original author of the product. Not only is this disrespectful towards the creator of the content, But it also cheats them out of hard earned time and money.

Where is Piracy Happening?

Percentage of Copyright-Breaking Sharing by Region
Region --> Central/Eastern Europe Latin America Asia-Pacific Middle East/Africa European Union Western Europe North America
2010 64% 64% 60% 58% 35% 33% 21%
2009 64% 64% 59% 59% 35% 34% 21%

What Kind of Content is Most Commonly Pirated?

What is Being Done to Stop Piracy?

Since the beginning of digital media, Digital Piracy has followed right through. Government bills have been difficult to pass due to the free culture movement. Here's a list of some Anti-Copyright Organizations.


Arrrrghhh! It's a changing world.